Glory to Jesus Christ!

Welcome to our parish website!

The parish has a rich social dimension, celebrating our kinship as brothers and sisters in Christ. All are welcome to join in our worship and in the many events of the community.

Our spirituality is Eastern, rooted in the Fathers of the Church and their theology. As Melkites we are one of the many Eastern Churches in communion with the Church of Rome.

Visiting our website, you are visiting us. We hope that you will visit us in church, learn about the Christian East, and keep us in your prayers—as you are in ours.

St. George is a parish rich in tradition, rooted in the East and witnessing Christ to the modern world. As Melkite-Greek Catholics, we are heirs of the ancient Church of Antioch “where the disciples were first called Christians” (Acts 11:26). The community was founded over a hundred years ago to serve the needs of Christians from the Middle East—Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan.

Today our community includes descendants of the founding families, more recent immigrants, and many Catholics of various backgrounds who have found a spiritual home with us.

The heart of our parish family is the Divine Liturgy, when we gather in our beautiful temple as God’s people to hear His holy Word, and receive Him in the sacred Mysteries of His Body and Blood, uniting us in communion with Him and with one another. Our daily prayer consists of the various Divine Offices of the church.